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Bevel Gears India’s Role in Chandrayaan’s Success

India recently made waves when Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the south pole of the Moon. Behind this tremendous feat, is…

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Critical Heat Treatment Factors for Gear Longevity

By C.Selvaraj Heat treatment is one of the critical process in gear manufacturing. In this article, we address the crucial…

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Advantages, Disadvantages & Strategies for Reverse Engineering in Gear Manufacturing

By Sushmita Das Innovative manufacturing relies on techniques like reverse engineering to enhance products. We explore its benefits in gear…

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Guiding Principles for Defining Gear Hobbing Processes in New Part Development

In recent times, gear hobbing machines have updated themselves with modern features like backlash free drives, high dynamic rigidity, auto…

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Hypoid Gears Efficiency

By Sushmita Das In the domain of mechanical power transmission, innovation never ceases. One such innovation that has quietly transformed…

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Gleason’s Gear Hobbing Redefines Precision and Quality

Gleason Works India is part of the multinational Gleason Corporation, headquartered in Rochester, New York, USA. Gleason is a global…

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IGW’s Stefaan Dewaele Eyes Expansion through Transmission and Motor Gear Acquisitions

With 70 years of experience in gear manufacturing, Belgium’s IGW history began in 1949 when a 20-year-old ambitious entrepreneur, Mr….

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Basic Grades of Carbon Steel Used in Various Applications and Gears

Raw materials are the bedrock of any gear manufacturing process. Using quality raw materials ensures the reliability and efficiency of…

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Gearwheel Manufacturing in 34-second Cycle

Gearwheel manufacture in 34-second cycle © Martin Witzsch Minimising production times to ensure competitiveness is one of the most important…

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