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Three Efficiency Improvements with Digital Assistance Systems in United Grinding Machines

Remote Service offers simple and fast assistance. For example, in the event of machine downtime, United Grinding North America customers…

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Verisurf 2024 Now Available

This new release is now available for download directly from the Verisurf Website, where all new and existing customers with…

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New C&B Clamp Bore Grinding Machine Offers Simplified Design

C&B Machinery (C&B) announced the completion of their newly redesigned Clamp Bore Face Grinding Machines. After months of planning, redesigning,…

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NORD presents a substantially revised single-phase asynchronous motor

The drive specialist NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is renowned for its IE4 and IE5 motors but also offers reliable solutions for lower…

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Marposs’ optical family is getting bigger

The OptoCloud’s main technology is the triangulation laser measurements made with Marposs’s new laser system. Marposs introduces the OptoCloud GEAR,…

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Formlabs Announces Significant Price Reduction for Form 3+ 3D Printer in India

Mumbai— Formlabs, a pioneering leader in the 3D printing industry, is thrilled to announce a substantial 30% reduction in the…

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Dry Hobbing vs. Wet Hobbing: A Comprehensive Comparison

By Nishant Kashyap Gear manufacturing is a critical process in various industries, demanding precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Hobbing, a popular…

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Heidenhain Announces EnDat 3 Encoder Interface

Heidenhain announces EnDat 3, a new version of its popular absolute position encoder interface. The new EnDat 3 interface has…

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Rollon Unveils TLS Series Telescoping Linear Actuatorsfor Space-Constrained Applications

Rollon has introduced its TLS Series of telescoping linear actuators. The new series is designed to maximize productivity for applications…

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