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Gear Design

Cloud-Based Software Solutions: Taking Gear Design a Step Ahead

Cloud-based software solutions are applications or services that are hosted and accessed over the internet, rather than being installed and…

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Gear Technology

Deciphering the Technological Symphony: Exploring the Nex- us of Manufacturing and Design Software in Gear Engineering

At the core of every mechanical entity, spanning from diminutive handheld devices to monumental industrial behemoths, resides an intricate network…

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Thermal Effect of Gear Grinding through Process Parameters Responsible for Grinding Burn & Detection using Barkhausen Noise Analysis

Introduction: One of the key aspects of the gear-grinding process is to focus on how best the stock allowance is…

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Tech News

FVA GmbH Launches Online Tool for Machine Elements and Standard Calculations

FVA GmbH has released mechanicus, an intuitive online calculation tool for machine elements and standard calculations. The new web application…

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Gear technology

From Field to Engine: Exploring the Gear Systems in Agriculture

Agriculture has been a cornerstone of human civilisation, providing the foundation for settled societies and the development of culture along…

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Exploring the Future of Gear Engineering: GTI Volume 2 Issue 2–2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of gear engineering, staying abreast of the latest advancements is crucial for industry professionals. Gear Technology…

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Tech News

HWR Workholding Introduces New Products for Large Parts and Increased Flexibility

HWR Workholding USA has announced multiple new additions to its SOLIDLine family of innovative zero-point workholding. Available immediately, the new…

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Introduction to Gear Manufacturing – Part 6 (Gear Lubrication and Maintenance)

Proper lubrication and maintenance are essential for ensuring the longevity and performance of gears. Lubrication significantly reduces friction and wear…

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Introduction to Gear Manufacturing- Part 5 (Gear Testing and Quality Control)

In gear manufacturing, making things just right is really important. To do their job well, gears need to be made…

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