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Portescap Expands Flat Motor Portfolio

Portescap introduces the latest addition to its flat motor portfolio, the 60ECF brushless DC slotted flat motor. This marks a…

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Environmental Concerns and Minimizing Hazards in Gear Manufacturing

By: Sushmita Das It is essential for gear manufacturers to be socially accountable throughout the process of manufacturing gear. This…

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Extending the Limits of the ChamferCut Process

Fig 3: tool system for chamfering on a standalone machine Introduction Chamfering and deburring gears by machining processes is increasingly…

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The Role of Cutting Tools in Gear Manufacturing

By: C. Selvaraj In gear manufacturing, cutting tools play a crucial role. Tools are used in various processes to establish…

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Role of Material Science in Gear Manufacturing

Material science plays a pivotal role in advancing gear manufacturing influencing aspects from material selection to processing techniques. Efficient gear…

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A Journey Through Time and Technology:
The Evolution of Gears

Gears, the unsung heroes of mechanical systems, have played a pivotal role in shaping human civilization. Their origins trace back…

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Empowering Excellence in Gear Manufacturing through Training and Workforce Development

The current landscape of the gear manufacturing industry is characterized by dynamic market trends, technological advancements, and notable challenges in…

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Ball Screw – Concepts, Invention, and Working Principle

Are you looking for mechanical components for converting rotary motion into linear motion with high efficiency without compromising precision? Then…

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Gear Industry Expansion: A Market Update

The gear manufacturing world is ever-evolving, and staying informed about market trends and updates is essential for industry professionals. We…

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