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How the Indian Gear Manufacturers Association Was Created on WhatsApp

By: Divya Sudarsanan In 2018, a WhatsApp group for Indian gear manufacturers was born. What started out as a 25-member…

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UCAM Nimble Machines Drive to Commitment for Quality Gear Manufacturing Solutions

Nimble Machines was established with the vision of providing innovative gear manufacturing solutions that are productive, precise, and rigid.  …

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“The domestic market is going to be propelling forward”: RDMC’s Tarun Nahata

By: Divya Sudarsanan   Trailblazers in the gear manufacturing industry, and a five-decade run family business, Tarun Nahata, Partner of…

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Meet the Founder of Gear Technology, Michael Goldstein

In 1984, Michael Goldstein founded Gear Technology, and served as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief from 1984 through 2019. Gear Technology India…

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