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JW Winco Offers Angular Gearboxes and Worm Reducers

JW Winco has expanded its product range with two compact and robust angular gearboxes that translate rotational movements by 90…

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Force Control Posidyne Clutch/Brakes Eliminate Downtime and Boost Blown Film Production

A worldwide manufacturer of many types of plastic has manufacturing facilities around the world, including one in the southeast that…

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Nimble Machines: Redefining Gear Cutting

In today’s rapidly evolving gear manufacturing landscape, the demand is growing for high performance, precision and high-quality gears. The customers…

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Two-in-One: CNC Precision Grind Both Worms and Gears

Manufacturing high-accuracy worm gears and screws alongside precision spur and helical gears has traditionally required the use of two quite…

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Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases New LH600F/FG Height Gage

Mitutoyo America Corporation, a leading manufacturer of precision metrology instruments and solutions, is proud to announce the release of the…

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Grind ‘em Cool: Premium Solution for Grinding Large Gears

Blue Moon™ TZ is the new premium grinding wheel from Krebs & Riedel. It is a precision-shaped abrasive grain with…

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Gleason’s Gear Hobbing Redefines Precision and Quality

Gleason Works India is part of the multinational Gleason Corporation, headquartered in Rochester, New York, USA. Gleason is a global…

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New C&B Clamp Bore Grinding Machine Offers Simplified Design

C&B Machinery (C&B) announced the completion of their newly redesigned Clamp Bore Face Grinding Machines. After months of planning, redesigning,…

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Heidenhain Announces EnDat 3 Encoder Interface

Heidenhain announces EnDat 3, a new version of its popular absolute position encoder interface. The new EnDat 3 interface has…

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