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Unleashing the Power of Data Analytics: Transforming Gearbox Manufacturing

Gearbox manufacturers are leveraging insights for efficiency, quality, and innovation in the manufacturing process By: Sushmita Das In today’s era…

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Fractal Geometry Characteristics in Gear Tooth Surface Wear Evaluation

It is important to evaluate a number of parameters using Fractal Geometry in gear design/life. Here’s how it’s done By:…

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Why does Bearing Selection Play a Crucial Role in Gearbox Performance?

By: Nishant Kashyap   Bearings play a critical role in the smooth and efficient operation of gearboxes. They are responsible…

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Importance of Servicing Gearboxes

To ensure the long life of a gearbox, regular servicing and maintenance must be done. By: Chinnappan Selvaraj   Machines…

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All about Diagonal Hobbing

By: Vishwajit Kothari Introduction In many cases, it is desirable to secure gears which transmit large forces with a tight…

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Harness the Optimum Torque Transmission With an In-Depth Look on Gear Root Forms

Here’s how to get better gear root forms by designing tool parameters and software simulations of the manufacturing process like…

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The gamechanger for e-drive gear manufacturing: In-process gear inspection and noise analysis

E-drive gears differ from other gears in two essential ways: they need higher quality and excellent noise behavior. A new…

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Varvel Selects Freudenberg Oil Seals for Entire Gearbox Range

The Varvel Group serves international customers as a reliable partner in the supply of gearboxes for low to medium power…

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CHW Forge Offers Rings for Slew Bearings and Gear Blanks

CHW Forge produces large diameter bearing rings for a broad spectrum of applications. The rings for slew bearings are manufactured…

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