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At PLI, we understand that maximizing uptime is your key challenge, and we can support you with our experienced technical expertise.

PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) is the global lubricant division of PETRONAS, one of the most successful petrochemical companies in the world. Our mission is to deliver proven product technology and related services benefitting from our 100 years of experience. 

We believe in maximizing your productivity with value-added products and services that are global, yet personal – our presence in 128 countries ensures our technical expertise reaches you wherever you are. PLI’s differentiator is product excellence, developed by world-class Technology Centers and brought to your market with local expertise.

Our passion for performance improvement makes us an obvious choice for key OEMs and delivers success in Formula One Motorsport. Now, it has translated into a comprehensive industrial product range and tailor-made services for you. 

Our success is driven by technology. As a company with a proud history of innovation and collaboration, our R&T centers in these 5 continents offer a better way of working in response to rapid shifts and strong expectations from society. Our technological commitment has helped to pioneer innovative solutions that deliver heightened performance and respond to the changing needs of our consumers.Today is the age of smaller, faster, and stronger equipment. OEMs are offering increasingly compact and higher-output geared drives.

These have to perform at increased speeds, under higher loads as well as being constructed from new materials in order to significantly improve output and performance. Additionally, the competitive market forces equipment owners to pursue more reliable and durable solutions to maintain profitability of their business. These improvements in gearbox design along with end-user expectations demand more robust innovations in gear oils. 

The gear oils of today aren’t what they used to be, and with good reason: The environment in which industrial gears operate has changed, and demands on the lubricant have increased dramatically. There are two main drivers that influence industrial gear oil trends: specifications and changes in industrial gearboxes. Reduced oil reservoir capacities and higher power output generate much greater oil stress, causing low-quality lubricants to fail prematurely, thus compromising system performance.

This potentially leads to increased maintenance costs and, in extreme situations, can have a dramatic impact on the continuity of a production process.

Gear  oils in this demanding environment should be formulated in such a way to have higher thermal & oxidation stability, higher anti-wear & micro pitting protection and improved physical properties (lower foaming, faster air release, faster demulsibility, better filterability, seals & metals compatibility)

There are many gear oil standards such as AGMA 9005, DIN 51517-3 & ISO, Flender etc. DIN 51517-3 provides inputs on different levels of performance & requires oil properties (KV, VI, Water, TAN), Extended Data (Foam, Demulsibility, Elastomer Compatibility, Corrosion, Oxidation) and Anti Wear tests (FZG, FE-8) to evaluate gear oil including gear and bearing protection.

Some OEM such as Flender use additional tests to evaluate the performance of the gear oil and compatibility with gearbox subcomponents compatibility including micro pitting & paint compatibility). Resulting in more stringent performance standards for the gear oil. 

That’s why we have developed Petronas Industrial Solutions, an intelligent approach to your fluid requirements that maximizes your business performance through tailor-made product offerings and expert services. 

Our superior solutions for industrial gearbox lubrication meet the most severe industry and OEM specifications in order to deliver products you can rely on. PETRONAS has a full range of Gear Oils to cater to the demands of these OEMs and Industrial Specifications. We have also innovated Gear Oils (PETRONAS GEAR SYN SERIES) with Gr-III Base oil and advanced additive technology, which helps in extending oil life and component life. These are tailor-made solutions and have been tested and approved in the Flender List of approved lubricants.


we believe success is made by close partnerships. It is that very belief that drives us to work together with you in overcoming the challenges you face – from demands of higher productivity to operating under intense, severe conditions. That’s why we present to you our Petronas Industrial Solutions Service Program – a tailor-made range of services designed to maximize your business performance. From specialized on-site analysis to emergency support for operational recovery, we are committed to assisting you in every possible situation.

Vaibhav Verma

Head Technical Services

Petronas India Lubricants Pvt Ltd.