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Grind Master Offers Latest Machine Technology at IMTEX 2020

Grind Master Offers Latest Machine Technology at IMTEX 2020

Grind Master Machines Pvt. Ltd. will showcase a variety of products and technologies during IMTEX 2020 in Hall 4, Booth #C104.

Grind Master offers a Conveyorized Precision Deburring Machine for sintered parts like stator, rotor, cover plate, distribution plate of common rail pump, fuel injection parts, valve plates of compressors etc. The machine deburrs the flat faces with holes and grooves, removes sharp edges and creates micro radius. The machine has automatic job reversing system to deburr both faces in single job loading. Also offered are a wide range of deburring machines with combination of abrasive belts & planetary brush heads.

The Grind Master Robotic Deflashing Machine RCF series is an automatic machine for fettling of iron cast components. Robotic fettling of iron cast components is a technology for the casting industry, giving a leap in productivity and quality to casters, at the same time creating a healthier, safer workplace.

RCF-HD Series machine is the advanced systems built by Grind Master for fettling operations including riser and gate cutting, parting line grinding, deburring for sharp edges, milling inaccessible areas and breaking into holes. Robotic iron casting fettling technology addresses specific problems presents in casting industry like complex shapes, heavy components, hazardous working conditions, heavy stock removal requirements, variety in component geometry, manual/automatic load, unload using pallet exchangers, automatic tool changer, automatic path corrections, rigged reliable robot-spindly system, and essentially required full metal enclosure and dust collector system.

The RCF-HD Series typically gives cycle times from 2 minutes to 4 minutes for components typically 500 mm X 300 mm X 250 mm in size, cycle time is typically dependent on level of grinding. A robot equipped with an electric spindle tool completes the operation with consistency and repeatability through the lifetime. This makes it very suitable for components such as hydraulic housing, rock shaft housing, cylinder block, transmission case and many other automotive components made in large volumes.

Grind Master also offers RCF-HD-ECO series machines. Such cells are typically deployed with simple machining worktable for economic operations.

Partnership with Timesavers Inc. 

Grind Master in collaboration with Timesavers is offering deburring of critical aerospace parts.

GM Group is a strategic partner with Timesavers Inc. (United States) for promoting various machining products and technologies.

Deburring of aircraft and aerospace parts is a critical operation. Timesavers offers a precise solution for this. Deburring without edge radiusing demanded by this industry is effectively achieved by machines that use deburring discs.

These machines use a combination of Abrasive belt, brush & disc heads for precision deburring applications. Wet working disc machines can give a clean part after deburring. Multidirectional deburring ensures uniform edge quality.

GM Group with Timesavers Inc. is also promoting a range of deburring and finishing machines for sheet metal parts. Timesavers Inc. has specially developed slag grinding machine Model 42-Series-900-WWB-top in combination with model 42-series-900-W bottom working machine for deburring flame cut components.

These machines use combination of brush and belt heads which can remove primary and secondary burrs in single pass. Machine is also capable of taking away sharpness from the sides which is desired in many applications.

Timesavers has installed over 55,000 machines worldwide using their experience of over 55 years in developing deburring and finishing technology.

Partnership with MJC Engineering & Technologies, Inc. 

GM Group has also entered a strategic partnership with MJC Engineering & Technologies, Inc. (United States) for promoting metal forming machines in India. Metal forming is a metalworking process of shaping metal parts and objects through mechanical deformation.

Various processes for metal forming include metal spinning, shear forming, flow forming, rotary forging and hot forging which are extensively used in various industries including aerospace, defence, automotive, etc. The Metal Forming can be done on a wide range of materials including titanium, nickel alloys, super alloys, etc.

Metal Forming technologies are extensively used for manufacturing various applications including next generation jet engine lip-skins, aluminum liners for fuel cells, wheel rims, brake drums, gas cylinders, etc.

These machines are Industrie 4.0 compliant with advanced data-logging, setup and workcell management systems.

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