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Partnership between ANCA and esco: High-end solutions for the production of gear cutting tools

Partnership between ANCA and esco: High-end solutions for the production of gear cutting tools

ANCA, a renowned leader in CNC grinding machines, and esco, a prominent software solution provider, are thrilled to announce their partnership aimed at revolutionising gear cutting tool manufacturing. This strategic collaboration brings together ANCA’s expertise in grinding solutions and esco’s advanced software capabilities to meet the increasing demand for skiving cutters and enhance the overall gear manufacturing process.

Skiving, a highly efficient gear manufacturing process, has gained significant popularity due to its speed, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with standard multifunctional 5-axis machine tools. This technique is experiencing a resurgence, with a remarkable growth rate in the demand for tools.

Derived from the gear geometry to be produced, the tooth form of skiving cutters can be significantly complex, with features such as protuberance, semi-topping and more. ANCA recognized the need to leverage its 50 years of grinding expertise and extend its support to the gear cutting tool market by developing the GCX Linear for manufacturing skiving cutters. Built on the TX machine platform, the GCX can cater to a wide range of gear skiving cutter sizes from PM-HSS and tungsten carbide, achieving exceptional precision and tight tolerances on the tooth profile and pitch required for pinion type and skiving cutters.

To ensure the design and calculation of skiving and pinion type cutters reach unparalleled levels of excellence, ANCA relies on esco’s sophisticated PTM software. esco is a software company that specializes in mathematical solutions for process kinematics to produce threads and threading tools, gears and gear cutting tools like hobs, shaper- and skiving cutters. PTM offers comprehensive process simulation, tool design, and manufacturing simulation, ensuring the documented quality of tools and workpieces.

Once the gear cutter is designed in esco’s PTM, the grinding path and grinding wheel shape are seamlessly exported to ANCA’s iGrind software. This integration empowers operators with the ability to effortlessly set up the grinding program and initiate the grinding process. Additionally, the grinding path compensation, utilizing ANCA’s Integrated Gear Tool Measurement, takes place on the shop floor, ensuring optimal precision and repeatability. The workpiece data is saved and can be effortlessly reproduced whenever required.

ANCA CNC Machines now offers a comprehensive turnkey solution for the manufacturing of skiving cutters. The design phase occurs seamlessly within esco’s PTM software, followed by the grinding and process control executed on the GCX, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow.

The partnership between ANCA and esco represents a significant advancement in gear cutting tool manufacturing. By combining ANCA’s cutting-edge grinding solutions with esco’s powerful software capabilities, customers in the gear manufacturing industry can expect enhanced productivity, unparalleled precision, and a streamlined manufacturing process.

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