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Pillars of Progress: Catalysing India’s Manufacturing Potential

<strong>Pillars of Progress: Catalysing India’s Manufacturing Potential</strong>

As per the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), a Trust established by the Department of Commerce under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, India’s manufacturing sector ranks third globally and holds the potential to export goods valued at US$ 1 trillion by 2030. The “Make in India” initiative is founded on four fundamental principles aimed at fostering entrepreneurship across various sectors in India, not limited to manufacturing alone.

New Processes: Within the framework of ‘Make in India,’ emphasis is placed on recognizing ‘ease of doing business’ as the primary catalyst for fostering entrepreneurship. Numerous initiatives have been launched to streamline the business environment, with the overarching goal of reducing licensing requirements and deregulating the industry throughout the entire business lifecycle.

New infrastructure: The presence of modern and supportive infrastructure is a critical prerequisite for industrial growth. The government aims to foster this by developing industrial corridors and smart cities equipped with state-of-the-art technology, modern high-speed communication, and integrated logistics. Existing infrastructure will be bolstered through upgrades in industrial clusters. Innovation and research activities are being encouraged through an expedited registration system, with corresponding enhancements made to the infrastructure of Intellectual Property Rights registration. Additionally, efforts will be made to identify industry skill requirements and develop the workforce accordingly.

New Sectors: ‘Make in India’ has pinpointed 25 sectors encompassing manufacturing, infrastructure, and service activities. Detailed information on these sectors is being disseminated through interactive web portals and professionally crafted brochures. Notably, significant avenues for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) have been opened up in Defence Production, Construction, and Railway infrastructure.

New Mindset: Traditionally, industry has perceived the government solely as a regulator. ‘Make in India’ seeks to challenge this mindset by catalysing a paradigm shift in government-industry interactions.

The government aims to transition into a role of partnership with industry for the economic development of the country, adopting a facilitative approach rather than a regulatory one.

Indigenously Built Product Range: Mukund Trans-Gears’ Contribution to Make in India
Mukund Trans-Gears has established itself as a reputable manufacturer, and supplier of a diverse range of industrial equipment. Their products are indigenously built, catering to the gear industry in India. These products are namely; Aluminium Timing Pulleys, Charging Pumps, Gear Oil Pumps, Industrial Sprockets, Planetary Gearboxes, Track Drives, Track Drive Motors, Bevel Planetary Drives, Winch Drives, Worm Gearboxes, Helical Gears, and Harmonic Drives. These products serve various industries such as Automobile, Transmission, SPM Manufacturing, and Process Industries. Additionally, they offer maintenance services for gearboxes. With extensive experience in the market, they have built a strong presence not only in India but also across the globe. In the following section, you shall learn about some of the indigenously built products by Mukund Trans-Gears.

Industrial Sprockets:
Industrial Sprockets consist of teeth-like projections on a wheel rim, which engage with chains in conveyor systems and power transmission. They are designed to minimize operation noise and wear. Regular inspection for wear and tear is essential, and worn or broken teeth should be replaced promptly. Industrial Sprockets and chains require lubrication with chain lube, such as Bell Ray. These sprockets are typically made from materials like cast iron, sintered metal, and carbon steel, offering economic and reliable drive systems for continuous applications with maximum shock absorption and minimum torque loads. They find common usage in bicycles.

Planetary Gearboxes:
The team of professionals of Mukund Trans-Gears manufactures, supplies, and exports Planetary Gearboxes adhering to industry standards. These gearboxes are known for their high rigidity and torque capacity, making them ideal for various industrial applications.

Celebrating Innovation: Mukund Trans-Gears’ Strain Wave Gear Drives Triumph at Gear Technology India Awards 2024
Mukund Trans-Gears, a leading player in the industrial equipment manufacturing sector, has achieved a significant milestone with its Strain Wave Gear Drives. These drives have garnered widespread recognition for their exceptional performance, winning the prestigious. Gear Technology India Awards 2024 in the Make in India category The Strain Wave Gear Drives manufactured by Mukund Trans-Gears stand out for their superior rigidity and impressive torque capacity, making them an ideal choice for gearbox applications across various industries. What sets these drives apart is their exclusive production within India, accomplished by the skilled professionals at Mukund Trans-Gears.

Exclusive specifications of Strain Wave Gear Drives

  • 3KW gear drive with 160:1 reduction which is used as an Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS), developed by Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE).
  • These are fully indigenously developed having a range of 45 km which is the longest in the world, with zero backlash (less than 3 arc-seconds).
  • SUGH-15-50,25-50 &35-80

    Designed with a coaxial input and output configuration, Strain Wave Gear Drives offer unmatched precision and reliability, meeting the stringent requirements of modern industrial applications. Their ability to deliver consistent performance under demanding conditions has made them highly sought-after in the industry. The recognition received by Mukund Trans-Gears at the Gear Technology India Awards 2024 underscores their commitment to innovation, quality, and contributing to the Make in India initiative. With their expertise and dedication, Mukund Trans-Gears continues to push the boundaries of excellence in the manufacturing of Strain Wave Gear Drives, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

    The “Make in India” initiative emerges as a pivotal force in propelling India’s manufacturing sector towards global prominence. Central to the initiative are four key pillars: the implementation of streamlined processes to ease business operations, the development of modern infrastructure to support industrial growth, the exploration of new sectors for expansion and investment, and a transformative shift in the government-industry relationship towards collaboration and facilitation. Mukund Trans-Gears epitomises the spirit of Make in India with its indigenously built product range, catering to diverse industries both domestically and internationally. Notably, their Strain Wave Gear Drives have garnered acclaim, exemplifying innovation and excellence in manufacturing. Winning the Gear Technology India Awards 2024 in the Make in India category further establishes their commitment to quality and contribution to the initiative. As India progresses on its journey towards becoming a global manufacturing hub, the success stories of companies like Mukund Trans-Gears underscore the transformative impact of Make in India, driving economic growth, fostering entrepreneurship, and cementing India’s position on the world stage. Through continued innovation, collaboration, and dedication, the vision of Make in India stands poised to shape India’s manufacturing landscape for years to come.