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Robotic Facts You Should Know

Robotic Facts You Should Know

By: Julie Workman, Marketing Manager for Acieta

In science fiction, the arrival of robots generally means something bad is about to happen. But even though movies and comic books are filled with stories about marauding armies of automatons out for revenge, robots have done far more good than harm since they became a fixture in the real world. This is particularly true in the manufacturing sector, where automation has made work easier, less expensive and safer for human beings. Anyone who still doubts that automated jobs have a place in today’s industrial setting should be aware of the important benefits of robots.

For example, one of the most crucial functions they serve in many industries is handling materials that would be extremely hazardous to people. This includes radioactive or caustic substances as well as anything that would be too heavy for humans to lift. By taking on the most dangerous jobs, robots make facilities safer and allow workers the freedom to focus on other tasks.

They may inspire fear or dread in sci-fi but seeing a robot in real life will bring only relief to manufacturers who recognize their positive contributions. For more facts that could alleviate your potential anxiety about sharing the production floor with automated coworkers, see the accompanying infographic.

Author bio: Julie Workman is the Marketing Manager for Acieta, which specializes in industrial robotics automation that helps North American manufacturers be globally competitive.