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Rotary Engineering Corporation Offers Gear Grinding Mandrels

Rotary Engineering Corporation Offers Gear Grinding Mandrels
Rotary Engineering Corp. offers hydraulically expanding jelly filled mandrels, for gear grinding operation. With use of these mandrels, customers achieve high precision clamping and control runout and perpendicularity parameters with consistency. This can be used in gear manufacturing for Czepel, Reishauer, Maag, Hofler, and WMW. The mandrel is supplied with grinded center holes and made with split less elastomer steel by manual actuation the sleeve expanded and job clamp rigidly, it gives high accuracy and reliable performance for long life.
Since 1968, Rotary Engineering Corporation is one of the global leading manufacturers of high precision hydraulic jelly filled clamping equipment. They design, construct and produce clamping systems according to specific quality requirements. They also offer individual solutions, designed together with customers. High precision clamping elements for modern CNC operated tooling machines. Concentric Rotary Engineering Corporation Clamping Technology has been one of the most innovative companies in this industry for decades. The product program includes tool clamping equipment such as clamping arbors, mandrels and collets chucks in hydraulically actuating, or hydro-mechanical design, which is used in leading gears quality gear manufacturers and auto ancillaries under the Concentric brand.
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