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Transforming Industrial Landscapes: Molemab’s Vision for India’s Industrial Evolution

‘’In recent times, perceptions of India have shifted positively. With a stable government prioritising GDP growth, the country’s image has transformed significantly. Over the past few years, India has gained recognition for its technological advancements and cultural diversity,” said Amit Kumar Singh, Business Development Associate – India, Molemab in conversation with Nishant Kashyap during a recently held IPTEX GRINDEX 2024 exhibition, at Auto Cluster Center, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Q1. To start the conversation, could you talk about your company, your product range, and the application areas you cover?

Molemab, a 60-year-old Italian company, operates four plants globally and is excited to announce our fifth plant in India. This expansion will cater to the Asian market while also exporting products to Europe. Our speciality lies in producing grinding wheels for various applications, offering a comprehensive product range. 

Our diverse clientele spans from tooling industries to automotive, gear grinding, transmissions, and engine crankshaft applications. Notably, we have introduced the innovative Titan X line, designed to increase production efficiency without the need for additional machinery. With our high-quality wheels, we aim to significantly enhance productivity for our customers.

Q2. Grinding wheels are a crucial component of any grinding operation. Your comments…?

Absolutely, grinding wheels are absolutely important in the final operation that adds significant value. Manufacturers should focus on high-quality grinding tools because the machines, especially in automotive ID grinding, are costly. Using high-quality products can optimise machine life.

Q3. You have been serving the Indian gear and transmission industry for quite some time. Can you please high some of the trends shaping up in the Indian gear transmission industry?

In recent years, the Indian gear transmission industry has witnessed significant advancements, driven by both technological innovations and shifting market dynamics. One notable trend is the increasing adoption of automation and digitisation across manufacturing processes. 

This shift towards Industry 4.0 principles has led to enhanced efficiency, reduced production times, and improved product quality. Manufacturers are leveraging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and IoT-enabled devices to optimise operations and meet growing consumer demands for precision-engineered gear transmission systems. Moreover, this digital transformation presents lucrative business opportunities for companies to capitalise on emerging markets and expand their product offerings.

Another noteworthy trend is the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing practices within the gear transmission industry. With increasing awareness about environmental conservation and regulatory pressures, manufacturers are investing in greener technologies and processes to minimise their carbon footprint. This includes the adoption of energy-efficient manufacturing techniques, recycling initiatives, and the use of eco-friendly materials. 

By aligning with sustainable practices, companies not only contribute to environmental preservation but also stand to gain a competitive edge in the market, as consumers increasingly prioritise sustainability when making purchasing decisions. Overall, the convergence of technological innovation and sustainability efforts presents a promising landscape for the Indian gear transmission industry, offering abundant business opportunities while driving positive societal and environmental impact.

Q4. You’ve mentioned a diverse and high-quality product range at Molemab. Could you please tell us more about the R&D activities at Molemab?

In the grinding segment, continual product upgrades are paramount to staying competitive. At Molemab, we recognise that research and development (R&D) form the cornerstone of our business strategy. 

We allocate substantial resources to R&D activities, investing in cutting-edge technologies and processes to drive innovation and product excellence. Our dedicated R&D division focuses on experimenting with bonding systems, with a particular emphasis on Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN). This strategic focus on bonding technology differentiation enables us to continuously enhance our proprietary bonding technology, ensuring that our products remain at the forefront of industry standards.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction is our primary objective, and we maintain a close relationship with our customers to achieve this goal. We actively seek feedback from our clients to understand their evolving needs and preferences, leveraging this insight to develop new and improved products that exceed expectations. All our R&D activities take place in Italy, Florida, & USA.

Q5. Which sector is most important to you?

In today’s interconnected industries, automotive and transmission sectors lead in revenue. Over the next five years, especially in India, significant growth is expected. As India advances, with a focus on sustainable development and innovation, demand in these sectors will soar, which will reflect positively on companies like ours. With India’s promising direction, opportunities abound for those ready to seize them, fuelling economic growth and societal advancement.

Q6. Why do you think the Indian economy is expanding, and FDI is growing?

In recent times, perceptions of India have shifted positively. With a stable government that is also prioritising GDP growth, the country’s image has transformed significantly. Over the past few years, India has gained recognition for its technological advancements and cultural diversity. This evolution reflects a newfound confidence and potential on the global stage. As India continues to showcase its strengths in innovation and inclusivity, it emerges as a key player in the global economy. This positive narrative positions India as an attractive destination for investment and collaboration, fostering further growth and development.

Q7. You have recently started manufacturing in India. Could you please share more details on that?

We aim to sell solutions, not just products. Unlike European manufacturers in India, who mainly trade, Molemab wants to manufacture in India for Indians. As an Indian citizen, I believe it’s important for our country if more and more companies invest in manufacturing in India. My goal was always to be in India to cater to Indian customers effectively. This approach also reduces transportation costs and helps us improve our delivery time – clearly benefitting the customers.

Q8. Do you find it challenging to compete with low-cost alternatives from China and Taiwan?

In recent years, there has been a notable shift in the mindset of Indian consumers. Quality now takes precedence over price, signalling a growing emphasis on value and reliability. Unlike before, where Chinese and Taiwanese products posed stiff competition, Indian manufacturers now stand firm with

their own quality standards. To answer your question, we don’t see Chinese and Taiwanese products as competition; we have our quality standards and the right customers for our products.

Q9. Any future plans for the Indian market?

We have ambitious plans for expansion in India, which include enlarging our manufacturing facilities, bolstering our workforce with skilled personnel, and introducing new product lines. By bringing production closer to our customers and enhancing our offerings, we aim to meet their evolving needs more effectively. With confidence in our capabilities and the conducive factors in place, we are poised for significant growth in the Indian market.


Molemab’s Expansion in India: Molemab, a 60-year-old Italian company specialising in grinding wheels, is expanding its operations in India by opening its fifth plant. This expansion aims to cater to the Asian market and exporting products to Europe.

Product Range: Molemab offers a comprehensive range of grinding wheels for various applications, including tooling industries, automotive, gear grinding, transmissions, and engine crankshaft applications. 

R&D: Molemab’s focus areas include bonding technology, particularly Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), to continuously enhance product quality and meet evolving customer needs.