Two-in-One: CNC Precision Grind Both Worms and Gears

Manufacturing high-accuracy worm gears and screws alongside precision spur and helical gears has traditionally required the use of two quite different CNC grinding machines. Thanks to PTG Holroyd’s newly launched HG350-WG worm and gear grinding center, however, just one machine can now complete both tasks. Designed from the ground up to bring greater levels of efficiency and accuracy to the production of specialized gears and tooth forms, this latest member of the PTG Holroyd HG350 family features an advanced version of the company’s acclaimed HPMS (Holroyd Profile Management System) for rapid programming and seamless background calculations of both worms and gears. In fact, operators will only need to input the profile shape and size they wish to achieve for a precise dressing path to be created. Read more

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