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Voith Creates Greater Efficiency for Drive Systems

Voith Creates Greater Efficiency for Drive Systems

Voith announces the Future Inverter Platform (FIP) – for the VEDS drive system. The new inverter has been specifically designed to meet the requirements in the commercial vehicle segment and will be integrated into future generations of the VEDS, Voith’s innovative electric drive concept for commercial vehicles that has proven highly effective in numerous applications in the bus segment since its introduction in 2021. The FIP technology will go into series production without integrated DMU in 2024 and with integrated DMU in 2025.

As well as the inverter, the new FIP will also incorporate the previously separate drive management unit (DMU) and will therefore offer a much higher power density than the inverter used previously. Within the VEDS, the FIP functions as part of the electrical drive system, but it is also a system in its own right consisting of inverter and control unit. With these changes, Voith addresses OEM demand in the passenger car segment for drive systems with a higher level of integration. Read more