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Webinar Recap: Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Gearboxes

Webinar Recap: Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Gearboxes

By Sushmita Das

Gear Technology India had its first-ever webinar on the “Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Gearboxes.” This was conducted by Gear Technology India’s technical advisor, Mr. C. Selvaraj. Held on August 18, the webinar was attended by 40 eager attendees who sought to enhance their technical knowledge on the subject.

Key Highlights

Expertise of Mr. Selvaraj: Mr. Selvaraj, our esteemed speaker, brought a wealth of knowledge and four decades of experience in the field of gear and gearbox manufacturing and servicing, to the virtual stage. His engaging presentation and comprehensive insights into gearbox maintenance captivated the audience.

Interactive Session: The Q&A session allowed participants to interact directly with Mr. Selvaraj, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. This interaction contributed to a deeper understanding of troubleshooting and maintenance gearbox best practices.

Knowledge Sharing: The webinar successfully achieved its objective of educating attendees about various technical aspects of gearbox maintenance. Mr. Selvaraj’s multi-dimensional approach covered every technicality ranging from preventive maintenance strategies, tooth breakage, pitting, scoring, gear defects to troubleshooting common issues, leaving participants better equipped to handle gearbox-related challenges.

Following the success of our first webinar, the next webinar is on the servicing of gears and gearboxes. This will take place on September 22 at 4 pm IST. Aimed at procurement engineers and maintenance heads from various industries like cement, power, paper, wind, mining, sugar and steel, this webinar will cover key areas such as:

1. To increase the power density of the gearboxes

2. To improve gearbox life

3. Technology upgradation in old gearboxes

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